#BishopGate, #choppergate: deleted webpage & complete metadata restored; expenses listed


The Australian prime minister, Tony Abbott, says that Bronwyn Bishop admitted an “error of judgment” in making a $5,000 travel claim for a helicopter charter to attend a Liberal party fundraiser, but insisted that she would not be stepping down as Speaker while the Department of Finance investigation takes place. With regard to this so-called #choppergate affair, we thought it only right to restore a deleted April 2012 webpage by the Liberal Party relating to the Slipper Affair, which the Liberal Party believes is of a similar nature (though involved less expenses). Below we provide a) a link to the deleted page in full, b) an image shot of part of the first part of that page, c) a document of the entire metadata of that page (captured and released under the Peoples Data Retention Act) and d) copy of Ms. Bishop’s expenses summary for the period 2012-14. The Australian…

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