The Aftermath: Debacle, but is there a silver lining?

Feeling like life sucked out of me right now. Yesterday’s poll booth activities took some energy, but I actually enjoyed it. Cross-party friendliness was evident in the places I went to  — even with Lib supporters – no hostility. Even helped each other when party corflutes blew away in the wind.  That’s the microcosm of what Australian society is, or at the very least, should be.  Respect for different views, but a common humanity. The only exception was the deliberate taking down of an ALP banner at the Harrison (ACT) poll venue – which had been put up by Labor team people the previous night,  but disappeared by early morning.

The aftermath is devastating to Labor and its supporters,  but I always tell myself at times like this: there must be a sliver lining. That may well be a  start for the Labor Party on a new path to becoming  stronger, more unified, and able to connect its vision and core values more effectively with the populace. That can happen as long as the party takes a hard,  look at and within itself, – take a reality check at the imperfections that have beset the organisation in recent years.

For now, no matter what political colour we belong to, as citizens of this country committed to the ideals of true democracy – social justice and equity in participation and opportunity,  it behoves us to be ever vigilant, to become wise  wily and covert attempts by the powerful elite to undermine those ideals.

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